Customer Relationship Management

Are you investing enough in your relationship?

Basically, the calculation is quite simple: maintaining existing customer relationships costs companies many times less on average than acquiring new ones. Nevertheless, customer loyalty has to be hard earned! And we support you in this.

Focus on the customer

Customer relationship management refers to a holistic approach to shaping customer relationships – from systematic planning and management to the administration and documentation of interaction processes. And that across the entire customer life cycle.
This includes not only the relationship with the customer, but also the analysis, structured preparation and use of knowledge about the customer. The focus is therefore not on the product to be sold, but on the customer and the associated customer service.

If you want to get it right from the outset, CRM should not be seen as an isolated tool for customer care, but should become an integral part of the overall corporate strategy, encompassing all departments from marketing to sales.

For marketing managers, digitalisation opens up a wide range of opportunities in terms of customer relationship management:

  • Personalisation of automated communication in the digital customer loyalty process (Electronic Customer Relationship Management)
  • Social media channels as platforms for acquiring knowledge about and engaging in interactive dialogue with customers and interested parties (social customer relationship management)
  • Analysing individual customer experiences to systematically design interaction (customer experience management)
  • Optimisation of advertisements for the display of automated, user-relevant content depending on the customer journey and customer lifetime value (programmatic customer relationship management)

Make us your relationship counsellors!

With the Melters advertising agency, you have professional CRM experts at your disposal. Our goal is a continuous, stable and, above all, economically attractive relationship between you and your customers. This does not mean a contractual obligation (because the relationship begins long before the first purchase), but a bond based on trust and positive experiences.
It’s not about getting lots of products to lots of customers. We use customer lifetime value to identify the customers who are most profitable for you. The aim is to offer them a customised product selection based on customer data analysis.

This approach may sound strange at first, but it is highly effective. The result? Satisfied customers and long-term customer loyalty. And, as a result, reduced price sensitivity, recommendations, repeat and follow-up purchases, cross-selling and up-selling. These in turn lead to an increase in sales and company growth. Last but not least, you benefit from a positive image boost due to customer loyalty. Sounds good? It is!

The challenge, but above all the opportunity, of relationship management lies in finding the right instrument for each stage of the customer relationship. The life cycle of the customer’s requirements therefore determines our means of choice. Dialog and one-to-one marketing, for example, are popular means of dialog and interaction.
Are you ready to take your interactions to the next level? Then we will take you by the hand: for a long-term and satisfying relationship.