TÜV Hessen

Versatility that connects

The TÜV Hessen brand enjoys a high level of recognition. But what about the various benefits and career prospects? What many people do not (yet) know: Versatility is a top priority at TÜV Hessen.


TÜV Hessen is so much more! Known to many as the inspection authority responsible for MOT stickers and vehicle registrations, this is a diverse world with a wide range of services and career options. This diversity of opportunities needs to be highlighted in a new employer branding campaign!


A campaign for versatility and solidarity! We present authentic people as representatives for different professional areas and combine them with a working environment that matches the job description – in this way we emphasize diversity and give viewers a first visual insight into their potential new working environment. A V borrowed from the word mark serves as an additional key visual and recognition feature, in each case combined with a meaningful catchphrase: Progress, trust, responsibility – TÜV Hessen has a lot to offer!


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