Electrified. And informed.

E-mobility is on the rise. And brings with it a host of new features. From technological progress to funding and financing options worth knowing about – there are many questions. And at least as many answers.


Get in and experience full e-mobility at the touch of a button – that’s how easy the new eDaily is from the customer’s perspective. But behind this is a whole range of sophisticated technology and functions. In order to be able to present the full range of benefits to customers at any time, this knowledge must be quickly and clearly accessible to sales consultants. But how do you bundle it particularly efficiently?


We are opening a new chapter for e-mobility! With an aesthetic reference book that skillfully combines utility and design – the eDaily roadbook. As dynamic and flexible as the eDaily itself: This product moves with the times! Thanks to the clever ring binding, the contents of the seven chapters can be individually adapted, expanded and updated. In this way, the reference work remains usable for a long time and makes the eDaily consultants fit for the future.
Why print? Despite all the digital possibilities, the advantages of a print medium are sometimes simply obvious: the roadbook is always to hand, can be taken to customer appointments and offers added aesthetic value on the consultant’s desk even when closed.


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